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Consider This: Respect Cyclists

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

A terrible tragedy happened in Michigan when 5 bicyclists were killed after a truck plowed through a group of riders.

We have a lot of bicyclists in our area. In fact, some communities work to recruit cycling groups as a way to grow sports tourism. With the Natchez Trace, extensive trails, converted railroads and lots of bicycle lanes this is a great spot for riders to enjoy their sport.

However, it can quickly turn tragic if people are not paying attention and showing respect.

Consider This: 

30 seconds, about the same amount of time as most commercials on WLBT, is the estimate of how long it takes a driver to wait for safe passage around a person on a bicycle.

Although the majority of drivers in our region are respectful, there are horror stories of people who swerve, scream and throw objects at cyclists. No bicyclists should be treated like that.

And you can be sure if that happens to a visiting group they won’t be back and the money they spend in our communities will go away with them.

Hopefully a tragedy like the one in Michigan will never happen here or anywhere for that matter. Being more considerate and patient with bicyclists will go a long way in reducing the chances of an accident. It will also go a long way in reinforcing why we’re referred to as the Hospitality State. Let’s live up to that nickname.

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