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Taking Back Our Neighborhoods: Catalina Crisis continues

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Three On Your Side is back on Catalina Circle, Monday, because we received an urgent email from a resident who says she received a disturbing call from a city official about an eyesore on her street.   

It's clear as you travel along the street in south Jackson, that most of the residents try to maintain their property; then you see 145 and 153 Catalina Circle. 

I have chronicled these eyesores in previous reports, but long time resident Terri Byrd, who lives across the street, told me she received a disturbing call from a City of Jackson Constituent Services representative, after my first report.

"Sheena Lewis called me and informed me that it would not do any good to come on TV, because nothing will be done about these properties," said Byrd. "Nothing would be done? Nothing; and that's one promise they have kept."

We asked her if she had received any other information.

"Yes," Byrd replied. "She has been saying after that, she was saying it was going through a process, going through a process, but it's been going through a process over three years"

Like Byrd, Eric Barbour has lived on Catalina Circle for 19 years, long enough to remember the good times.

Barbour is also concerned about the condition of Catalina Circle, itself, and other streets in the neighborhood.

"The streets are horrible. We have to dodge like a roller coaster. You have to go up and down," Barbour said. "You have to kinda stop from hitting potholes and accidents almost occur because people having to slow down and it's just terrible."

"We'll get back to you on it. That's all they say. That's it," Barbour said, telling us the response he has received from the city. 

And now, with spring and summer, come the weeds.

The properties have also become dumping grounds.

"It's a breeding ground for snakes; for rats; for other creatures that our children do not need to be around," Byrd said. "It's dangerous for our children. It's dangerous for us."

"We want our neighborhood to reflect our neighbors," said Barbour. "We have decent neighbors here so we want our neighborhood also to be decent."

Shelia Byrd, Director of Communications for the City of Jackson said, according to Community Improvement, 145 Catalina Circle will be assigned a contractor after being processed in legal.

153 Catalina Circle has now been assigned a contractor. 

The next step, she says, is to receive a start date from the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality.

Byrd also encouraged all residents to call the city's 311 Action line.  

Let us help you take back your neighborhood. Just send an email to Howard Ballou or contact him on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

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