Downtown Jackson water main break has far-reaching effects - - Jackson, MS

Downtown Jackson water main break has far-reaching effects

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

A water main break near downtown Jackson has caused widespread problems. Throughout the area, low water pressure was reported for much of the day.

"This truck didn't know there was a big hole," said Greg Pitts

It quickly turned into a headache and a roadblock.

"They just came wheeling through there now they're stuck," added Pitts.

The driver and passenger of the truck escaped when their back wheel became submerged, falling into the hole made by the water main break. Water pressure went down at businesses in the area, causing many people to come out and spectate. Some said the city's been at this spot before.

"This is a reoccurring problem," said Pitts. "They fix it and it comes and does it again so all they're doing is patching a spot."

The effects from the water main break were felt across High Street on the State Fair grounds, where hoses were running at a trickle or not at all.   

"We got some horses that when they run it's very important they cool off in the heat," said Ralph Feathers. "If not, they'll colic and get sick and possibly die. It's very urgent we get water to them."

Three thousand people, 900 horses on the fairgrounds, now all competing for $200 thousand in prizes and access to water.

"It's very urgent the city gets on it and I hope they don't have it off very long," added Feathers. Cause not only do the horses but everything around here. We got toilets, we got showers we don't need this thing backed up.  It could be bad."

The city of Jackson said they hoped to have this repaired by Thursday evening.

Shelia Byrd with the city's communication department says they're well aware of how many people are impacted by this, and they want to limit that.

Late Thursday evening, the city issued a boil water notice for the area. The Precautionary Boil Water Notice covers:

Larson Street; 39202
Vine Street; 39202
Foley Street; 39202
[1200-1598] Harding Street; 39202

This advisory affects approximately 25 connections on the drinking water system.

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