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Clinton adds internet safe zones for residents

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CLINTON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

With online selling and buying becoming a popular tool for residents in the metro, Clinton Police are doing what they can to help keep people safe.

Clinton's Police Chief talked internet safe zones and what that means for people behind the keyboard.

"I think it's really nice to feel safe in Clinton," said Barbara Mozee. "I think it would be good for the neighborhood."

Internet transaction safe zones are now installed and ready for use at the Clinton Police Department.

Mozee said this will prevent cyber criminals from luring innocent buyers.

"I think it's really nice to know that's in place for safety. If you're going to buy from Craigslist, they might say meet me behind this building and this and that," Mozee said. "That's not a good choice to make."

Clinton Police Chief Ford Hayman said the areas, both inside and outside, are monitored by 24-hour surveillance cameras for your protection.

"Whether you go online to buy a laptop, a movie, anything, we ask for small transactions like that use our lobby at the police department," said Hayman. "For larger transactions like cars, boats, that sort of thing, we have a space created here in the parking lot."

In recent months, Clinton detectives made an arrest regarding a bogus online ad where the potential buyer was blinded to facts. 

Hayman said that if residents will take advantage of the resource, it will eliminate crime.

"There was a resident from our city that was engaged in one of these online Craigslist transactions," said Hayman. "He ended up meeting an individual in a business parking lot in town, without our knowledge, and ultimately was getting ready to purchase a stolen vehicle."

Hayman said there are instructions to call dispatch on the signage and that police are able to run VIN numbers and check titles before you seal the deal.

"I can feel confident doing it from now on, knowing this is in place," Mozee added.

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