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Look around Mississippi: Louisville Fire Museum

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LOUISVILLE, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

It has been an awfully hot summer this year and a museum in Louisville fits right in with the heat.

The American Heritage Big Red Fire Museum in Louisville is where you can find a huge collection of vintage fire fighting equipment.

Bill Taylor, founder of the museum, had a varied interest in a number of subjects and he was able to collect items from a number of those interests that are now housed here in downtown Louisville.

Mainly in here are antique fire trucks of all types. 

"We have a collection of horse drawn fire apparatus, man drawn apparatus, which includes water towers which are operational by mechanical means," said William Knighton, curator of the Big Red Fire Museum.

One of the oldest pieces in the collection is a piece of fire fighting equipment that was used in Plymouth, Massachusetts, way back before Mississippi was even a state.

"It would be a 1797 hand pumper," said Knighton. "Which is equipped with leather hoses, a bucket brigade system which is manually pumped by man power and pulled by man power.

There’s more than antique fire equipment here. Taylor’s interests were varied and his curiosity was keen.

"We have an Indian artifacts collection," Knighton added. "We have an extensive ship model collection in the back."

While Mr. Taylor was living, many people managed to see his extensive collection of rarities, but not as many as will soon be able to see them. Lex Taylor, Bill's son, has plans to share his father's collection with all.

"He had it and used the facility as his office in his later years, received his guests, did his business," said Taylor. "But as time has passed on and he has passed on, we really wanted to remember him and cherish his love and his activities that went on in here - to put this in a touring, self touring museum kind of quality that EVERYBODY could enjoy.

Although there are some finishing touches and some fine tuning that still needs to be done to make the museum the way they all want it to be, it is ready for touring now.

The simplest way to make an appointment to do so, is to call Taylor Machine Works in Louisville.

Another of those little gems, tucked away in various places in Mississippi that you won’t find just everywhere.

The Big Red Fire Museum in Louisville - a memorial to one man’s extensive curiosity and interests.

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