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CONSIDER THIS: Time to Fix the River

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Last week Wilson Stribling presented a special investigative report on the Pearl River that runs through downtown Jackson. The Easter flood of 1979 caused half-a-billion dollars in damage, and yet since that time there has been little to prevent a similar disaster.

If that same flood happened today the economic damage would exceed a billion dollars. Keith Turner, the attorney for the Rankin-Hinds Pearl River Flood and Drainage Control District which oversees flood prevention says we are closer than ever to having approval for a plan that would help prevent another flood. But that’s not all.

Consider This:

Not only will this plan help prevent a major flood in downtown Jackson, it will transform the region. (soundbite by Keith Turner in Wilson’s story at approx. 2:42) “So we’re going to give folks access to the river," said Turner. "When people have access to water, people get excited. I think it will make the area more attractive (so) that people will want to move here. It's an attraction that will bring folks back."

Cities like San Antonio, Chattanooga, Greenville, South Carolina, Indianapolis and others have been transformed around water. Imagine what this will do for Jackson and the entire mid-Mississippi region if this plan becomes reality.

Hopefully the last pieces of the puzzle will come together quickly and we can join the list of communities that are now preferred destinations.  

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