Strip clubs seized, attorney trying to get it overturned - - Jackson, MS

Strip clubs seized, attorney trying to get it overturned

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

A local attorney for two local strip clubs is trying to get em back open. Monday morning, the Hinds County Sheriff's Department seized Danny's and Black Diamonds because of a verdict in court stemming from a case back in 2011.

Three On Your Side first learned about the seizure from a source who sent us cell phone video of Hinds County deputies putting up red tape on Danny's Nightclub.  Court documents show the closure is due to a verdict against the business and its owner from a 2011 assault case.  

The plaintiff, Christopher Goodman, claims a bouncer assaulted him, causing him serious injuries. He filed a lawsuit against the club and its owner.

In 2013, a judge ruled in his favor and the defendant was ordered to pay roughly $180,000. After years of non payment, Judge Winston Kidd ordered civil judgment to have it closed.

However, attorney James Scarf, who represents Danny's and Black Diamonds, says the seize was done prematurely.  

"The defendants are not the named companies as businesses that were shut down today," said Scarff.

Damages totaling more than $180,000 were to be paid to the plaintiff Christopher Goodman before Monday's event and Scarff says that happened on July 7.

"The defendant has posted the money in the event that Goodman should win the appeal.  His judgment is satisfied, they are going to pay that money directly to him. There was no reason to shut down these businesses," Scarff explained.  The alleged incident happened in 2011. There was a trial that occurred in 2013, there was a proper appeal from that judgment in 2013 which is currently on appeal and awaiting a judge to be assigned to it."

An attorney representing Goodman sent us a statement: 

"My client, Christopher Goodman, is thankful for all of the efforts by the good people in the Hinds County Sheriff's Office, as well as the judges and court administrators of Hinds County and the Office of the Circuit Clerk of Hinds County, and he remains hopeful that the Judgment he was awarded nearly three years ago by a jury of his Hinds County peers against Defendants Danny's Downtown and it's owners, including Daniel "Ax" Owens, for injuries suffered by Mr. Goodman, may finally be paid and satisfied. Mr. Goodman is regretful that in continuing to refuse to satisfy the Judgment over all these years, the Defendants have now forced the measure of temporary closure of these establishments, and he extends his sincerest apologies to the employees and their families. Mr. Goodman prays that the matter be resolved and the Judgment paid in a timely fashion." 

Mr. Goodman is represented by Sarah Beth Wilson and Christopher Meredith of Copeland, Cook, Taylor & Bush, PA, and Gregory J. Bosseler and Samuel F. Creasey of Morgan & Morgan.

Scarff is hoping to rectify the matter by the end of the week.

"The men and women who are currently unemployed and unable to work indefinitely, I would like to see them go back to work for the businesses that were wrongfully shut down," explained Scarff.

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