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CONSIDER THIS: We're not that far apart

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Right now our country is dealing with a lot of anxiety, fear, uncertainty, anger and sadness. Our neighbors in Baton Rouge are hurting. In an interview on WAFB, our Raycom Media sister station, former Baton Rouge Police Chief Jeff LeDuff offered this challenge.  

Consider This:

“This is what I want Baton Rouge to do today," said Chief LeDuff. "I want every person in Baton Rouge to find somebody who’s different, to look like you and I. I’m a 60-year-old man, you’re a 40-year-old man. I’m black, you’re white. Go find somebody that looks different than you and you extend your hand and you say, my name is such-and-such. This is what I like. What do you like? And when you get beyond that color, you’re going to find out that we’re not that far apart.”

Chief LeDuff is right. He’s challenging the people of Baton Rouge, but that challenge applies everywhere. Find someone who is different. Shake their hand. Will you accept the challenge? To get beyond the color. To find out what unites, not what divides. I challenge you to do that today, tomorrow, every day. I suspect we’ll quickly realize we’re not that far apart.

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