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Making A Difference: Gulf Coast Storm Recovery

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MISSISSIPPI GULF COAST (Mississippi News Now) -

We are just about to wrap up July and we are heading into August. And August is a month in which Mississippi has seen some big changes in the past. And by like token, it is a month in which we have seen lots of people who have Made A Difference, especially along our Gulf Coast after August storms like Camille and Katrina.

I had the chance to spend a week on the Coast recently helping a friend with a project. This is the first time I’ve sent that much time there since right after Hurricane Katrina coming up on 11 years ago. The difference is phenomenal.

High-rise bridges have replaced the vulnerable slab bridges that used to run flat across Biloxi Bay and the Bay of Saint Louis. Bridges that Camille rearranged the slabs of, and Katrina knocked into the water.

But the Coast hasn’t dwelt on the past. In the last decade it has put itself 50 years ahead of where it would have been by normal attrition. And there is a spirit back on the coast of optimism and it has a spring in its step once again.

But that recovery didn’t happen overnight or automatically. There are so many factors and so many people who worked tirelessly since the day after the storm to pick it back up and put it back like this.

The first wave that came in immediately was an army of volunteers from all over the country, bringing food and water and themselves. By the way, one place that much of this is conveniently documented is the Ground Zero Museum in Waveland near where the eye of the storm made landfall.

But there was governmental help and legislation and untold numbers of individuals who, after losing everything, pulled themselves up by their bootstraps and rebuilt their lives.

Cities took the chance to rethink how they wanted their towns to be laid out. People who live here took the chance to rethink how they wanted to live their lives. It is almost unbelievable what has been done on the Coast since Katrina. It took a decade, but ONLY a decade.

In downtown Bay Saint Louis is the angel tree. People who were washed out of their houses by Katrina held on to this tree for dear life until rescued. After which the tree was carved into angels.

The Coast itself held on for dear life for a long time, and still is in some respects, but it has been rescued by many angels who have come here and Made A big Difference. 

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