Making A Difference: Flora Butcher - - Jackson, MS

Making A Difference: Flora Butcher

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FLORA, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

It’s amazing. You can drive through a place and it’s a ghost town. And then come back in a few years and it’s a thriving area again. All it takes are a few people committed to Making A Difference to make that happen.

Towns come and go and come again, riding the crest of the waves of economic and social cycles. And the wave is rising higher and higher for the town of Flora right now.

Main Street is busy and stores are filling back up again. For instance, The Flora Butcher recently opened in downtown Flora.

David Raines has worked in restaurants around the world and settled on Flora as the place to open his dream, his own butcher shop. But why Flora?

"Why not?" asked Raines. "It is a fantastic little town. It is friendly, safe. It’s fifteen minutes to Jackson, fifteen minutes to Madison, Canton. It’s kind of in the middle of everything without being in the middle of the city."

David offers a specialty type of beef in his shop, wagyu. It’s a Japanese breed that David buys directly. It’s not that easy to get wagyu here.

"Most of it went to the east or the west coast or got exported," said David.

But David’s dad raises wagyu cattle in Louisiana and David buys directly from him.

"And we are able to cut out a lot of the middlemen and offer a much more affordable price than most wagyu," said David. "But just the same quality."

David was primarily looking for the square footage for a wholesale operation and a storefront at an affordable price. And the way Flora is bouncing back attracted him to the town.

"It seems to be going through a little bit of a renaissance," said David. "Hopefully I can be a part of that and help it."

With the Livingston area being developed between Flora and Madison, and now high-end meats in Flora, it is becoming a whole ‘nuther world out beyond the Chapel of the Cross, because folks are coming there and Making A Difference.

David has plate lunches at The Flora Butcher, too. That’s important to someone who spends a lot of time on the road like I do and wants to get something besides burgers every once in a while.

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