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Local group provides meals and hope to those in need

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Finding a good meal when you live on the streets can be almost impossible.

One group has provided more than 79 hundred pounds of food to the homeless and those in need in the Jackson area for nearly two years.     

Draw A Smile Foundation has been in Smith Park in downtown Jackson on Friday nights. With the help of volunteers they feed between 30 to 90 people each week.

Bilal Qizilbash said, "Not just the homeless those who are hungry. We get a lot of elderly people who actually do have homes, but they can't , they don't have enough actually to feed themselves. They have to decide between medications or food. Some are veterans and then we also get some of the extremely young, especially during the summer time."

Many of the children who come to eat depend on schools for meals. The group is also setting up an app to coordinate volunteer efforts and to serve as a guide for those who need help.  

Local restaurants, caterers and vendors help provide the free meals.

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