Are graves being removed at Continental Tire site? - - Jackson, MS

Are graves being removed at Continental Tire site?

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HINDS COUNTY, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Could the final resting place of dozens of Hinds county residents be disturbed to make way for industry?

One family says their dead relatives won't rest in peace because of the new Continental Tire Plant being built in the Bolton-Clinton area.

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"They made no effort to try to contact family members," said Yvonne Robinson Horton of Bolton.

According to Horton, Continental Tire will be constructed on property along old Norrell Road, which is home to two cemeteries.

The separate black and white final resting places are about two miles down this dirt road.

Horton's grandparents are buried there.

"Did they make any effort to notify family? I haven't found anybody who said they did. I've asked the people in Congressman Thompson's office. No," said Horton. "Did anybody from Continental Tire ask any question about it? No".  

In June, when access to the cemeteries was not blocked, she and other relatives went to the site and took pictures.

"There were people there from Ole Miss. They were actually plotting, and they had this very, very sensitive equipment that would be able to locate anything under that area," said Horton. "We were told that if they did find any they would relocate them to the "white" cemetery here in Bolton".

67-year-old Horton said Bolton Businessman Ted Kendall gave her a list of those buried that would be affected.

We were unable to reach a Continental Tire spokesperson to find out if grave removal is underway and other information about the process.

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