CONSIDER THIS: Senseless Killings Continue - - Jackson, MS

CONSIDER THIS: Senseless Killings Continue

Source: WLBT archives Source: WLBT archives
DURANT, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

The senseless killings continue. This past week two nuns were murdered in Holmes County. Every murder is a tragedy, but when the victims are children, or in this case, nuns who were selflessly serving one of the most oppressed areas of the country, it is more shocking.

Family and friends are grieving and searching for answers where there are none, and the tragic loss of life is not the only tragedy. The alleged suspect didn’t just murder two innocent women, this loss will have a much bigger, longer lasting impact on an area that desperately needed them.

Communities that benefited from the nun’s willingness to serve as nurse practitioners will now struggle to find someone to fill that role.

Consider This:

Mississippi once again is making headlines for the wrong reasons. And this tragedy proves it can happen to anyone. Until we all realize this is OUR problem, not THEIR problem, we shouldn’t be surprised when it happens again.

The senseless killings must stop. What are you doing to help make that happen?  

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