Family of twelve escapes house fire - - Jackson, MS

Family of twelve escapes house fire

A family of twelve are grateful for their lives after waking up Wednesday morning to heavy smoke and flames in their Jackson home on Kirkley Drive.
"I woke to panic and screaming a lot of pandemonium," says Oscar Little.

Jackson firefighter's rushed to Little's house in the 4600 block of Kirkley Drive around 4:30 a.m. Little says the smoke detector woke him up. As smoke filled the house he carried many of his family members, including several small children outside to safety.

"The first thing I could pick up on my way out the front door were two siblings. I didn't know which two they were I just knew it was my job to get the first two that I could out of here," says Little.

Little says the thick smoke blinded him but he didn't let it stop him from going back into the house.

"I came back to retrieve my niece, I retrieved her successfully, but I was in smoke. I fell but I got back up because God gave me strength, He said this isn't over with for you, you have to get these people out of here," says Little.

Little says several of his family members went to the hospital to get checked out, but there were no injuries.

"We're going to continue to pray for a speedy recovery and God has us," says Little.

Fire investigators have classified the fire as accidental, involving electrical activity. 

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