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Water customers react to partial payment program

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Jackson has created a new temporary water bill payment plan. The plan will be available for customers who are facing large unpaid water bills.

Several water customers say they'll take advantage of this program, because they've seen their water bills increase since new meters were installed about a year ago.

The city's new temporary water bill payment program goes into effect next Thursday. 

Residents can pay a down payment of 15% of their outstanding bill, along with their current bill to sign up.

Several water customers say they still are not getting bills every month since the city went with a new billing system. Some customers are also skeptical that people will be able to afford the new payment system.

Water customer Gloria Taylor said, "I think it's going to be pretty good cause most times they don't allow you to pay a partial plan they say you have to pay it all so I'm hoping and praying that they do."

Water customer Henry Wells said, "It's ok but I feel like how can you pay on something when you haven't got a bill for it so it's alright but i feel it's really not right."

Residents interested in the partial payment program must sign up at any of the city water department pay centers.

The deadline is December 15th. People must stay current with their payments to stay enrolled. 

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