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Mississippi teen cigarette use at new low but e-cigs now popular

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Mississippi teens aren't smoking cigarettes as much as years past. The latest data shows cigarette use at a new low. But that decrease in tobacco use does not necessarily mean teens are not using nicotine.

The latest survey shows more middle and high schoolers using e-cigarettes instead of cigarettes or smokeless tobacco. 12%of high schoolers and 4.6% in middle school admitted to using e-cigs.

"The 7000 flavors that you can get, it doesn't cover up the fact that there still nicotine in the product," said Langston Moore with The Partnership for a Healthy Mississippi. "E-cigarettes contain nicotine. Nicotine is addictive. Nicotine can affect your brain just like heroin or cocaine. It's a dangerous product."

The Partnership for a Healthy Mississippi says e-cigs are the latest challenge in the fight for tobacco prevention. There are prevention programs like RAT (Reject All Tobacco) and Generation Free, a youth led initiative. Both are kept going through grant money from the Department of Health.

"The e-cigarette usage of middle schools has gone down about almost 2.1% in a year," said Moore. "We're reaching the kids with messages just like we do there to back her about the dangers and the effects of e-cigarettes."

The State Health Department noted this when discussing e-cigs, just because teens think it's safer doesn't mean it's safe.

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