Wednesday's Child-Julius - - Jackson, MS

Wednesday's Child-Julius

This week’s Wednesday’s Child is hoping he won’t age out of the system before he finds a family.  Julius is now 18 and says he has learned not to stress, and to make the best of his situation until the right parents come along.

Julius is easy going and laid back.  His whole conversation centers around his favorite sport.

Julius said, “basketball.  Reporter: Are you on the basketball team at school? Julius nods yes.”

Julius says if he had one wish there is no hesitation about what he would ask for.

Julius told us, “that I could be like Lebron James. Reporter: In what way? His height and his strength, just the way he thinks about playing basketball.”

Making friends is easy for Julius, he usually does well in school.

Julius said, “I want to go to college but I want to be a gym teacher.”

On his list of favorite things.

Julius explained, “play video games. Reporter: What’s your favorite video game? Julius said, basketball.”

His social workers say Julius would do well in a home if he knows the rules and what is expected of him. Julius says he does want to be adopted.

Julius said, “it’s a chance to have a family. People who like basketball.”

Julius would rather have a two parent family but says if not,  a single parent who provides a permanent home would be just fine.

For more information on adoption through the State Department of Human Services, call the Mississippi Adoption Resource Exchange at 1-800-821-9157.

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