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Jackson city worker attempts to rape elderly woman

Source: Jackson police Source: Jackson police
JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Family members are outraged after the attempted rape of their loved one. They claim a Jackson city worker kicked in the elderly woman's back door and attempted the assault on Thursday morning.

Leann Miller said, "He is like a monster unleashed."

29-year-old Joshua Young was taken down by Jackson police and was arrested and charged. He is behind bars after allegedly kicking in the back door of his 67-year-old neighbor's home.

The victim's daughter-in-law, Leann Miller, said the entire family is in shock and disgusted after hearing their loved one explain what unfolded in her own home.

Miller said, "She heard kicking at the back door and when she got up and met him mid way through the house he had his pants down asking her to give him oral sex. He started ripping her clothes off and tried to have sexual interaction with her. This is a person you considered your son."

Miller said this is a tight knit neighborhood and everyone is considered family. Miller said just five years ago her husband was shot and killed. Young was a part of the family and the healing process.

Miller said, "He spoke at the funeral was consoling with my mother-in-law. We even gave him the honor of writing something in the obituary."

Neighbors didn't want their identities revealed, but said they are not frightened because they know the person responsible.

Miller added, "She just didn't deserve that. She didn't deserve that. Why would you even do that."

Young is behind bars charged with burglary and attempted rape. The victim did go to the hospital with minor injuries, but is reportedly okay.

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