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McComb School district transforms classrooms with new technology

MCCOMB, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

As technology progresses so does the way schools teach our children. The McComb School District is transforming its schools into technology havens with 35 hundred high tech electronic devices for students to make the grade.

Chalkboards are a thing of the past in the McComb School District especially at Summit elementary where there are dozens of computers.

“If I am on a computer I can imagine in my brain, but if I am on a chalkboard it really doesn't mean anything,”  said student Patricia Coleman.

Patricia Coleman is of many students at Summit benefiting from the district's technology initiative.

“We know most children are born with iPads, iPhones and any type of electronic device in their hand, so in order to promote that level of learning we use those types of devices,” said Principal Lakaya Taylor Washington.

The school provides tablets to each student to complete daily assignments. Two old schools buses were transformed into a virtual lab.

“They learn to go look inside the heart, they get to dissect animals, different body parts, they can look at organisms, they can dissect the organism and break it down to see what is what,” said instructor Carmelle Ellis said.

School officials said while the curriculum still consists of reading, writing and arithmetic, equipping the students with the state of the art devices they can be ready for ever evolving technology world we live in.

“We don't get a chance to go in hospitals and watch surgeries, we don't get a chance to go in the veterinarian’s office and watch them dissect animals or put them to sleep, so this brings the world to them,” said Ellis.

McComb District has more than 3,400 electronic devices for students use throughout the school year.

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