Governor Phil Bryant discusses his budget adjustment request - - Jackson, MS

Governor Phil Bryant discusses his budget adjustment request

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

A costly financial miscalculation by legislative staff is still causing headaches for the state budget.

Governor Bryant didn't make an adjustment sooner because there was a chance the $56.8 million accounting mistake could've been covered. But the state's not taking in as much money as they'd expected.

"It's really not a cut," said Bryant. "It's an adjustment for revenue that did not exist, was not there, because of an accounting error. And it was not made up because we have not had the growth."

That legislative staff accounting error was a more than $56 million dollar overestimate for revenues. Bottom line, now agencies will have less to work with than what they first expected.

"In the last four years, you have seen growth in budgets every agency," noted Bryant. "So the idea that somehow the cupboard is bare, that we're being eaten by a great shark or whatever the cartoonists want to say--they are more than likely still receiving more money, even with these cuts, than they would have in 2012."

Most agencies we checked in with Thursday said they're just getting the details and are still evaluating the impacts to their budget. The Department of Mental Health is one agency that struggled through last year's cuts and had to cut some services. They said the adjustment amounts to $44,000 dollars at their central office. But their services won't be impacted.

"Once we see that our revenue projections, which are very low, are being met in November and December, I'm hopeful that in January any further adjustment might be made by the legislature, if necessary," explained Bryant.

The Governor said revenue collections are slow in other states and these kinds of adjustments are needed.

The agencies that are an exception to the adjustment are: Mississippi Adequate Education Program, Financial Aid, Military and Veterans Affairs.

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