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Heritage Keepers Rally held to fight for state flag

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

The Heritage Keepers Rally took place on the steps of the Mississippi State Capitol Saturday.

Members of the Sons of Confederate Veterans took the stage fighting for the state flag of Mississippi.

Adopted in 1894, supporters of the state flag of Mississippi said there are hundreds of men who have carried this flag while fighting in battle. They said the flag's meaning roots deep in Mississippi's rich history and should stay flying.

"The blue cross represents the cross of St. Andrew," explained Ray Peacock, member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans. "The red border in it represents the blood of Jesus Christ. The white border going around it represents God's hand of protection. The 13 starts represents the 13 states that succeeded from the union."

Peacock said they will continue to try and preserve the state flag of Mississippi.

"What it's saying is through the blood of Christ and the power of God, we the 13 states will stand strong," Peacock said. "That has a special meaning to me."

In 2001, more than 60 percent of the voters in Mississippi decided to keep the flag flying, said member of Sons of Confederate Veterans Marc Allen. He said he wants voters to have that option once again.

"We think the people should have the opportunity to choose the flag that represents them to the rest of the country and the world and they did do that," said Allen. "We think that people who are not from Mississippi, who do not live here, who don't vote here, who don't pay taxes here, who don't work here, should have nothing to say about what flag is chosen to represent the State of Mississippi."

"We have so many people saying the flag represents hate, well these people aren't showing hate, they are showing love," Peacock added.

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