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Former Secret Service agent discusses Presidential security

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Secret Service is often in the edges of the views you see on the news, but their job is always the same - providing protection.

One of Larry Rowlett's roles with the Secret Service was Special Agent in Charge of President and Mrs. Reagan.

"Everything's changed. Everything's moved up in scope," said Rowlett, who is now President and CEO of Presidential Security & Training Services.

Still, he said the basics are the same, but there are some new challenges.

"New threats, new ways of getting threats," explained Rowlett. "The threats could've been out there and we didn't know it. Now, it comes from Facebook, Twitter, email. You name five different media sources and there are five different ways to get threats."

Presidential candidates also receive Secret Service protection. Rowlett noted the assassination attempt on President Reagan.

It was Rowlett's shift, but he was in Dallas that day. Still, he said it's a good example of the time spent preparing for those worst case scenarios.

"We do that for a living," Rowlett added. "The reason that President Reagan was gotten in the car in 3.8 seconds and Hinckley was on the ground and subdued and 4.2 seconds is because we had done that hundreds and hundreds of times."

Rowlett said lone wolf or suicide bomber style threats are the newest form of risks that teams on the ground are tasked with identifying.

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