CONSIDER THIS: Dr. Ollye Shirley - - Jackson, MS

CONSIDER THIS: Dr. Ollye Shirley

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Mississippi lost another icon this week with the passing of Dr. Ollye Shirley. Dr. Shirley was very involved in the civil rights movement and championed that push for change and improved educational opportunities for her entire life.

“As long as we are divided, we are not going to succeed,” said Dr. Shirley.

Much of the civil rights advances happened decades ago and each year we lose more and more people who played critical roles in that push for equality.

Consider This:

We have made much progress with race relations over the past 50 years, but nearly each day we are reminded there is still work ahead. Dr. Ollye Shirley made a positive impact, but if we expect that progress to continue it’s important that the next generation steps up to fill the void, to take her place and the place of the many others who blazed the trail.

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