Family outraged after 6-year-old left in daycare's van - - Jackson, MS

Family outraged after 6-year-old left in daycare's van

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

A family is in shock after a daycare worker left a 6-year old boy in a van for hours after he fell asleep.

Six-year-old Ja'Quarius Hoard tried to walk home by himself down Claiborne Avenue - a dimly lit area with broken glass, trash, and rundown houses along the street.

"Anybody could have picked him up," said Ja'Quarius's mother, Catherine Hoard. "Anything could have happened to him. He could have still been in the van, out because of the heat."

Ja'Quarius and his siblings normally come home from daycare and play with other kids in the neighborhood. His siblings told their mother they thought he was playing at a neighbor's, so she didn't notice anything was wrong until 7:00 p.m.

"When he didn't come inside, that's when I got to checking everybody's house, up and down the streets, calling him. Checking for his things," Hoard said. "And that's when I just said that he didn't come home."

The boy had fallen asleep while riding in the van, and the driver never checked to make sure it was empty. 

"From the saying of the rest of my children, because they all go there," Hoard explained. "They said that everybody else checks except for her."

Ja'Quarius tried to ring a doorbell at the daycare, but everyone had already gone home.

So he started walking.

"My grandson is actually going through some traumatic episodes where he's afraid to even be in the van," elaborated Ja'Quarius's grandmother Charlena Jones.

The family says they met with the daycare today and the owners expressed their apologies, but will not be taking any disciplinary action against the driver.

"It was her decision not to do her job," Jones continued. "And so you shouldn't feel bad about having to let her go, because you would be feeling even worse if my grandchild hadn't woken."

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