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4-Way traffic stop causing road rage

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PEARL, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

People who work near the intersection at Old Brandon Road and El Dorado in Pearl say traffic can be abysmal.

Colleen Turnage works at Rankin Nutrition, a smoothie and workout business in a plaza right by the intersection. 

"Even when it's four o'clock in the afternoon and traffic hasn't even really officially started yet, it becomes a problem," she said. "You're gonna sit there about ten minutes"

Pearl is in Phase 2 of a project that paves roads Northwest of the intersection, which city planners hope will alleviate traffic on Old Brandon Road. But residents want the issue addressed directly.

"A light would tremendously help this area, it really would," added Turnage.

But here's the hiccup: Old Brandon and El Dorado are extremely narrow near the intersection. 

"The current location of the 4-way stop that handles most of that traffic, it doesn't allow for the engineering, really, of any type of turn lane there," said Lieutenant Brian McGairty with the Pearl Police Department.

The city has done extensive traffic studies, and isn't even sure whether a traffic light would be the best solution.

"If you did try to go in there and force that, I think what you'd probably see is an increase in backup, because you'd then be waiting on a green solid to make that left turn," explained Lieutenant McGairty.

The traffic started about a year ago when East Metro Parkway expanded.

Turnage has lived through the change.

"It used to be a rural area, she said, "and now we've just grown a little bit too big for the infrastructure."

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