Credit card cloning is a growing problem - - Jackson, MS

Credit card cloning is a growing problem

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

No cash? No problem; most of us swipe our card without thinking twice, but the criminals could be a step ahead of you. In fact, you don't ever even have to get your card out for them to swipe the information.

The latest card cloning case comes out of the Flowood. Three Cuban nationals were arrested after attempting to use the cards at a convenient store.
It was discovered that they had 50 cloned cards.

Then, we got word from McComb police that they're looking for this trio for using stolen numbers to buy more than a thousand dollars worth of merchandise at Walmart in McComb.

"Even if your card has never left your protection, you have statement that people can steal with online banking," noted Better Business Bureau Mississippi CEO John O'Hara.

Bottom line, the card never has to leave your hands for you to become a victim. Police and the BBB advise that you keep a close eye on bank statements. Or even consider using a credit versus debit card.

"When using a credit card, at least there’s a layer of protection there that you’re paying the credit card company and they can dispute the chargers and possibly get the money back," said O'Hara. "On a debit card that money’s right on your account and could leave you in some big trouble."

Card skimmers have been popping up all over the country. The devices are sometimes installed into something as common as the gas station pump. O'Hara at the BBB says criminals are getting smarter.

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