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Hearing held for Mississippi man charged with killing 2 nuns

Source: WLBT Source: WLBT
Source: WLBT Source: WLBT
DURANT, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Friday the man accused of killing two nuns in Holmes County faced a prosecutor, and several family members of Sisters Margaret Held and Paula Merrill.

The appearance was just a preliminary hearing, and police say that Sanders has actually already confessed to this crime, but when the prosecutor brought that up, Sanders shook his head 'no'.

An investigator said Sanders' fingerprints were inside the nuns' house, and in the Toyota Corolla he stole from one of them...and a blood-stained shirt was found in the shack he was staying in across the street.

Family and friends at the hearing remember only what they was lost.

"Yeah we can look at the positive stuff they did in the community and the people they helped," said Sister Paula Merrill's nephew, David Merrill. "But then you look at the flip side, and now those people aren't getting helped, and they're the most vulnerable people in the community and in the country."

Merrill's family is in town to clean the house and handle the nuns' belongings. They plan to donate most things to the community.

The investigator said some of the nuns' clothing was removed... but right now Sanders is not being charged with rape.

Kavon Winters and Kevin Witt leave near the nuns' house "You would never expect anything like that to happen in Durant because Durant is so peaceful," said Winters. Witt added: "And now all this commotion happened, and people can't do what they used to do, they're so terrified."

Prosecutors say Sanders has an extensive criminal history - DUIs across the nation, previous charges of larceny, theft, and assault and because of those crimes, he was denied any sort of bond at Friday's hearing.

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