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Halloween Stores: before, during, and after the holiday

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Have you ever wondered what happens to Halloween stores after the holiday has passed? Some close for the rest of the year, but others remain intact. 

John Wood owns Halloween Headquarters, Inc. in Jackson, and it's one of the biggest costume vendors in the world. He says the month of October accounts for about 75% of his sales, so he's gotten into other businesses to subsidize his store.

"I go from costumes into swing-sets, trampolines, and basketball goals. It's something I added to the business to keep it a year-round business," said Wood.

The businessman has another shop that's only open in September and October each year. He says transient stores like that can cost upwards of $10,000 to set up each time, and work getting merchandise starts as early as January.

"You never really sleep in the Halloween business."

These vendors may sell a lot of spooky stuff, but they aren't fearless. What scares a store owner most is the world wide web.

"It's the biggest trend going on right now, you're seeing a lot of vendors that are getting out of the business," explained Wood. You have a lot of mom and pop shops that are getting out of the business because of the online surge."

Other stores may focus their efforts on party supplies for the rest of the year to keep afloat, or sell costumes to drama departments.

But for Wood, every day is October 31st.

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