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CONSIDER THIS: Downtown Jackson Safety

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Downtown Jackson was once a bustling area. There is still quite a bit of activity during the day, but in the evening there are some areas where streets and sidewalks could be shut down and no one would notice.

The perception of rampant crime downtown, businesses abandoning the area, people moving further away from the city and many more dining and entertainment options in those suburban areas, is keeping visitors away.

Hinds County Sheriff Victor Mason has announced an initiative to make his team more visible in downtown Jackson and make visitors feel safer. 

Consider This: 

The Hinds County Sheriff’s Office Reserve Unit will operate a new bike patrol in the downtown area where people are more likely to visit. The initial area will focus on the Union Station, JATRAN, King Edward Hotel area. That area has the most traffic in the evenings and the visibility of additional officers will improve the perception for guests and visitors.

When the bike patrol is successfully up and running, perhaps the program can expand to other sections in the area. As we know, safety plays a big role in economic development and the downtown area desperately needs an economic boost.

We need businesses to return to the heart of the metro. We need more people living downtown and filling up the new lofts and apartments under construction.

It has happened in other cities with depressed downtowns, and it can happen here, but a lot of things have to change if we expect to see that resurgence. Thanks to Sheriff Mason and his team for implementing a program that should help reduce crime and could be one more piece of the puzzle to help make that happen. 

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