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Police investigate hostage claims

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Jackson police are investigating what they said started as a hostage situation, but ended with officers scratching their heads.

"Officers received a call that a subject was possibly being held against his will in the 2800 block of Greenview at 4:20," said Commander Tyree Jones.

The JPD SWAT team along with FBI officials closed off the area, then began slowly retrieving people from the home, 2,3 at a time, over an 8 hour period.  By noon they gave the all clear.

"All occupants have been taken out of the house; there were a total of 15 people inside that house at least 2 taken out of the attic," said Police Chief Lee Vance. "We found drugs, drug paraphernalia and also about 3-4 weapons."

Police interviewed the occupants of the boarding house. Only one made the claim they were being held against their will. Tenants at the home were also confused.

"It was frightful," said Kathy Wheatbrook. "Everybody coming in like they did. I just woke up and didn't know what the hell was going on at first."

Police say they will continue their investigation, trying to determine where that initial call came from, and trying to determine if any laws were broken.

We asked Kathy who the people in the house were.  She said, "visitors, friends."

No one was arrested and police continue their investigation.

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