Former JPD officer names JPD spokesperson in amended lawsuit - - Jackson, MS

Former JPD officer names JPD spokesperson in amended lawsuit

Tina Bianchini.....Source: Tina Bianchini Tina Bianchini.....Source: Tina Bianchini
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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

A former Jackson police officer, who already filed a complaint against the City of Jackson and Police Chief Lee Vance, is amending the lawsuit adding Jackson Police Commander Tyree Jones.

The original lawsuit makes racial discrimination claims against the city of Jackson and Jackson Police Chief Lee Vance.  The amendment now includes Commander Tyree Jones.

"We believe this misconduct should be put to an end. And the only way that it's going to be put to an end is if we bring it to the light," Ross said.

The complaint filed by Bianchini's attorney, Lisa Ross, states that during the course of Tina Bianchini’s employment with JPD, she engaged in a consensual relationship with Commander Tyree Jones.  Ross says the two exchanged text messages and her client received graphic photos from Jones.

"He gets to send all of these nude pictures? And texts. He's a commander, he should act like one," Ross explained.  "These high ranking officials they are allowed to participate and engage in misconduct because they know it's going to be covered up from the inside"

In December 2014, Jones saw Bianchini at the police union's Christmas party and she told Jones that she did not want to continue the relationship with him. 

After Bianchini ended her relationship with Jones, he supposedly refused to assist Bianchini in landing a position in the CSI Department – a position he allegedly promised her during their consensual relationship. Jones also refused to help Bianchini secure detail work as he had done during the course of their relationship.

"A woman or any person ought to be able to go into a workplace and work without having to engage in unwanted sex," Ross said.  "All of the rules should apply evenhandedly. Now if I run and violate the rules you ought of hold me accountable. But if you hold me accountable then you need to hold everyone else accountable. Leadership starts at the top."

Bianchini says that Chief Vance knew that Jones was involved in relationships with female subordinates in violation of JPD's sexual harassment policy as there had been a number of instances when he had disciplined those officers that were involved with Jones.

The complaint states that Chief Vance was shown a photograph of Jones' penis and that he simply "shrugged off" his misconduct. 

The photograph that Vance reportedly saw was similar to one that he allegedly sent to Bianchini, along with other sexually explicit texts.

When Bianchini was arrested in March 2015 in a domestic violence incident, Commander Jones used his influence on Chief Vance to terminate Bianchini. In addition, Jones used his influence to prevent Bianchini from filing criminal charges against Aaron Allen, the other officer involved in the incident, in retaliation for her refusing to continue the relationship with Jones.  

"Lee Vance gave Bianchini an ultimatum, resign or be fired. Apparently he didn't give Aaron that same ultimatum because he continues to work in his job," Ross said.

This comes less than a month after her lawsuit against the City of Jackson and Vance, claiming she was fired because she is white.

Commander Jones had no comment, saying it's ongoing litigation. Our reporter, Annette Peagler also put in a call to the City of Jackson's legal department and has not received a call back.

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Read the full lawsuit here (WARNING: Contains explicit information):

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