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Text Neck: Are you guilty?

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Almost all of us are guilty of it.

Heads down, chin almost touching our chest. Eyes glues to our mobile devices as we surf the internet.

Here's a heads up from doctors: This bad posture could bring you some pain down the road. It's a condition called Chronic Cervical Strain, also known as Text Neck.

"Text neck is essentially an overuse injury, is what it is," says Dr. Graham Calvert. "As a population we've always read and we've always looked down to read. Well, basically with these smart phones, and everything is driven visually, we now to do lot more looking down. We look down to read a text, we look down to surf the internet on our phones, we spend a lot of our time looking down like this."

Dr. Calvert is a neck and back specialist at Mississippi Sports Medicine and Orthopedic Center. He says while older adults can suffer from it too,  he's seen more recent cases of text neck in millennials.

"Totally seeing it more in young people. I mean I see a lot of young people come here who complain of neck pain and it's mainly muscular driven neck pain. It's not so much nerve pain, it's very what we call axial. It's related to the axial skeleton so the pain is usually from the bottom of the ears, down to the shoulders, into the upper back." 

Dr. Calvert explained how and why that pain comes about and the long term injury it can cause.

"One of things we talk about with text neck or syndromes where you are putting more strain on the muscles, whenever you lean your neck forward it gets it out that normal ordosis. And now your neck's become straight or what we call cofotic, which is the carnouse curving forward and that puts more strain on these muscles and you can see here these muscles come up and attach behind your skull behind your ear.They come down and these muscles are very integrated with back muscles as well, and they come down through your shoulder. And what happens is people end up getting pain because it's overused, they get tendinitis, they inflammation of those muscles, and the muscles get weaker overtime."

Worse yet, young people could end up suffering from a condition more commonly associated with the elderly.

"Andectodely, we're noting as clinicians, we do see arthritis earlier in people that shouldn't have arthritis until decades later in necks. I don't think smart phones have been out long enough and we don't have enough time and data points to say is it coming from people using smart phones, or something else, but we are seeing that." 

And the likelihood of cellphones being the culprit causing pain, isn't a stretch.

We do it all on our mobile devices. We tweet, we text, we Snapchat and Instagram but experts are advising that we need to take our mobile devices to new heights, so to speak, in order to avoid getting text neck. 

"Your head is meant to be staring forward with a forward gaze, so if you can get your phone up here, now my neck's gone from here, to here."

If your youngster is complaining of symptoms that sound like text neck, Dr. Calvert recommends a couple of stretches that should help ease the pain.  

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