Skimmer found at Pearl gas station - - Jackson, MS

Skimmer found at Pearl gas station

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Source: WLBT Source: WLBT
PEARL, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Criminals struck in Pearl stealing credit card numbers using a skimmer. It's new technology that steals your credit card information within minutes.

Employees at the Kangaroo Express on Airport Road noticed the illegal device Tuesday night and immediately called police.

"Discovered a device on one of the machines that didn't look quite right and contacted police," said Lt. Brian McGairty.

That device is a skimmer. Lt. Brian McGairty said the grey and red contraption was found inside the pump tied to the credit card reader and was used to capture credit card information within seconds after customers swiped their card to get gas. McGairty said the illegal skimmer was found while an employee was doing a routine checkup.

"Basically, it's a cable of data and it's kind of like a magnet," said McGairty. "It secures those numbers and from there it can be copied or downloaded. In this particular case something as simple as a Bluetooth device within so many feet or proximity of the cable to where it can transfer that information."

Straight into the hands of the criminal and you then can become a victim of credit card fraud.

"The gas station did what they should have done in this case," added McGairty. "They are to be commended for noticing it and taking their work seriously enough to do their routine checks."

The skimmer was found on pump 4 at the Kangaroo Express on Airport Road. Lt. McGairty said no other devices were found on any of the other pumps. He said it is important you take extra precautions and check to see if you are a victim of any fraudulent activity.

"Pay inside with your debit card as opposed to at the pump," said McGairty. "Somewhere maybe that vulnerability is not inside as much as it could be outside."

Another way to keep yourself safe is to use a prepaid card or use cash. The case has been sent to the Attorney General's Office.

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