Don't become a victim of credit card fraud - - Jackson, MS

Don't become a victim of credit card fraud

Don't become a victim of credit card fraud

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RANKIN COUNTY, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Metro area residents, pay close attention! You may want to check your bank accounts for fraudulent activity. Credit card thieves are striking and you could be a victim.

Benny Hubbard believes a skimmer copied his credit card information while he was at a Rankin County gas station making him a victim.

"You know, it's crazy that they would take that because I still have to survive everyday," said Hubbard.

Thousands of dollars were drained from Hubbard's bank account and he believes he was a victim of the illegal skimmer device attached to gas pumps.

"They are breaking the law. They are stealing," Hubbard said. "It's the same as if they were breaking into my house or breaking into my business. They are stealing from me and they should have the same penalties as anyone stealing from people.

He said it's a crime that could happen to you and he wants the thieves caught.

"People like that are low life to me. I work hard for my money and I work hard to provide a living for me and my family and then you have people like that that go out and take something that belongs to you, Hubbard said. "I was violated."

Hubbard said his card number was used at a big box store in Texas.

The message, make sure you check your bank statements daily and avoid using your debit or credit card if possible, instead use cash.

"It can happen," Hubbard added. "Probably, most of the time we think it can't happen to me, but it did."

If you feel you are a victim of credit card fraud, call your local police or sheriff's department.

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