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What is JPD's missing person protocol?

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

After 49-year-old Keith McInnis was found in a ditch this week, it's had people questioning what police protocol is for handling a missing persons case.

McInnis was reported missing Monday and found at the 4600 block of Medgar Evers Boulevard three days later -- less than a mile from where he was last seen.

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JPD says they send an investigator out to survey the area and collect information on dates of birth, social security number and so on, so they can upload everything to the National Crime Information Center. 

"We try to gather as much information about that person as it relates to where they were last seen, or where they could possibly be, or have been," said Commander Tyree Jones with the Jackson Police Department. "We depend on surveillance footage as well, to provide us with information. But again, you know, not all the time are we going to be able to track that person. We're not going to always be able to find them. We'll miss things, we're human just like anybody else."

JPD says there is no waiting period for reporting a missing person, so if you have any doubt, call them right away.

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