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Student brings gun to homecoming dance, school officials investigate

Clinton High School - Source: WLBT Clinton High School - Source: WLBT
CLINTON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Clinton High School officials received a report Monday morning that a student brought a firearm to the school campus on Saturday night during the homecoming dance.

Officials say a small caliber firearm was in a student's car in the school parking lot.

The district says a parent called to report the complaint Monday morning. 

According to a statement released from the district, the parent told district officials their child saw the small caliber handgun inside another student's vehicle at the homecoming dance. Upon receiving the complaint, CHS immediately contacted the student's guardian and the Clinton Police Department School Resource Officers.

Some parents were worried about the allegations.

"It's frightening because when it happens normally at one place it's almost a boomerang effect. It's going to take place some place else," Emma Marshall said. "The issues we having now. We didn't have them then. You can send your kids to school and know that that's what they were going to school for. It's so many other things that are taking place now in the schools."

Clinton Police searched the student's car today and found no weapon. 

Students were discussing the allegations on campus Monday.

"Everybody says he had intent of doing something to somebody but I mean it's all opinions but I still feel like it's not safe," said Michael Toth, a junior at Clinton High School.

No criminal charges have been filed at this time, however, the student will be disciplined according to district policy on possessing firearms on school property. 

The policy states if a student has any type of gun or firearm in their possession while in school or on school property, or on a school bus to and from school or at any school function or activity, he or she will immediately be suspended or be recommended for expulsion.

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