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CONSIDER THIS: Mississippi Lottery

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Governor Bryant gave lottery supporters a glimmer of hope this week when he said he is willing to discuss creating a lottery for Mississippi. However, don’t hold your breath that you’ll be able to buy a Powerball ticket at your local convenience anytime soon.

Mississippi has done a pathetic job of funding education efforts. In fact, that’s one of the reasons we are continually on the bottom of every list where we want to be near the top.

Even though many states have set up very successful education funding programs using lottery proceeds, Governor Bryant says he wouldn’t support a lottery if the funding was dedicated to education or other specific areas because he wouldn’t want school funding for the children of Mississippi to be left to a game of chance.

Instead its left to state leaders who refuse to provide adequate funding. Seems to me like the odds of properly funding education in Mississippi are far better with a lottery than the risk we take every year counting on our state leaders to do the right thing.

Consider This:

There are 44 states that offer a lottery and Alabama came close to joining the list earlier this year. When that happens we will be surrounded by states where the lottery is legal.

So the next time the lottery hits an all-time high look for the taillights of Mississippians heading towards the state line, and all of that money going to benefit our neighbors. And we’ll just continue our trend of languishing at the bottom. 

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