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Credit card skimmers found at Madison gas station

(Not actual skimmer) Source: Pearl Police Department (Not actual skimmer) Source: Pearl Police Department
MADISON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

On Monday, the Madison Police Department received information from a concerned citizen that his credit card had been used unauthorized in out of state transactions.

Madison and Byram can now be added to the list of cities where credit card skimmers were found in gas pumps. Madison police say they found two inside gas pumps at the Kangaroo gas station on Hwy 463 and I-55.

The skimming devices were discovered after someone who had just filled up at the pump noticed unauthorized purchases made on their account in Miami, Florida.

Madison police removed the devices, then checked every gas station in town for others but found nothing.

Investigator Chuck Harris said, "We've been working with Byram police, Pearl police, Clinton police closely. We have good reason to believe the individuals that Clinton police caught the other night were probably the most likely ones to be responsible for this over here."

Byram police are also trying to link a credit card skimmer found at the Chevron gas station on Wynndale Road to the Clinton case where two were arrested for stealing credit card information using the skimmers.

Byram police Chief Luke Thompson said, "These types of crimes are really hard to investigate we don't know who installed the device, we don't know how they transmit to the device, the information, we don't know if they got any info off this specific device."

Flowood police say purchases were made in their city using stolen credit card accounts, but no skimmers have been found. All the devices found at the gas pumps have been sent to the Attorney Generals office for forensic examination.

Citizens are asked to closely monitor their credit card account activity and if they should see suspicious charges occurring on their account they should contact their credit card company immediately.

Additionally, if these charges occurred shortly after the credit card was legitimately used at a gasoline pump they should contact the law enforcement jurisdiction where the gas station is located.

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