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Wednesday's Child- Sibling Group of 6

On this week’s Wednesday’s Child we have a sibling group of 6.  They sing together, bowl together and they are hoping they will be adopted together.

Rakish is the oldest in this group she is 14.  12 year old Felicia is next, followed by 10 year old Ezekiel, Natalie who is 8, 5 year old Carolyn and the youngest in the group 2 year old Jaqwon who they all call Rivers.

Shakira said, “I like to paint, I’m a good artist. I like to express, I like to use my imagination a lot.”

Felicia told us, “I like to swim, I like to dance, I like to sing, climb trees, I like to play softball.”

Ezekiel said, “I like science, I like in 3rd grade I was, I’m still the class clown and I’m funny.”

Natalie said, “I like to play firefighter.”

Carolyn added, “I like to play, but you are too bossy of me”, she says to her big sister Shakira.

The children enjoy attending church and practice singing their favorite songs whenever they can.  Performing is a highlight for them.

Shakira told us, “I like to sing. Me and her are great singers and him. Natalie says, “and me.” Shakira added, sort of.”

Felicia said, “ I want to be a cop. Reporter: Really? Why do you want to be a cop? Because I have the attitude for it.”

They all agree on one thing.  They want to be adopted together and cannot bear the thought of being separated.

Reporter: Everybody has to be together? Natalie said, “if I’m not then I may think they’re dead.”

We will learn more about each member of this sibling group over the next few weeks.  They are hoping there is a  family willing to take them all and love them forever.

To learn more please call the Mississippi Adoption Resource Exchange at 1-800-821-9157.

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