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3OYS Consumer Alert: Avoid high tech theft at gas pumps

Source: WLBT Source: WLBT
Source: WLBT Source: WLBT
JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

There's a new twist to stealing your money.  It's called "skimming" and it's occurring at metro area at gas stations. 

Investigators all across the Metro are finding gas pumps rigged and wired, ready to siphon off your credit and debit card information and all the crooks need is a master key. All the fraudsters do is open them with their master key then they go inside and put in their skimming devices and lock it back.

Someone coming to get gas has no idea what is going on because there is nothing to see, it's all internal and connected to the parts of this machine.  

Two weeks ago a local gentleman lost a bunch of money to a skimmer at a truck stop gas station in Rankin county.

"They pulled it up on the computer and  found out it had been scammed somewhere in Alabama. I mean they tried to use it there. They got your number at the gas stations and started spending your money elsewhere. Trying to, but the bank stopped it, kicked it out," according to the elderly victim who preferred to remain anonymous.

Officials tell us crooks later come back after the pump has been used quite a bit, sit in their car and they can actually download your credit card data. Just like that they have your personal information then they go around the country running up your bills and depleting your bank accounts. It is a  highly sophisticated way to easily access  gas pumps according to officials.

Attorney General Jim Hood is urging consumers to be cautious and check their bank and credit card statements frequently.

During our investigation we talked with several gas station owners who had no idea how this crime was happening, or if their gas pumps have been secured.

Jim Hood warns consumers to pay with cash, use pumps closer to the store entrance or use your debit card to pay as credit so thieves can't get your PIN number. 

Also, ask gas station owners what safety measures they use and how often they check pumps for skimming devices.

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