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CONSIDER THIS: Mississippi Lottery – Your feedback

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

The editorial from earlier this week about a possible Mississippi Lottery, more so the educational funding aspect of that commentary, prompted a lot of feedback. Here are some of your comments:

One viewer has this perspective:  “I must take exception to yesterday’s comments about education funding when you were addressing a possible future lottery.  Could our schools use more money for facilities, educational tools and teacher pay?  Definitely.  No argument there.  Would an unlimited pot of money for schools solve the issues?  No way.  Funding is not the problem because the schools are not the problem – the students and their families are at the root of the problem. Programs have been established that give every child every opportunity to pass tests, yet they continue to fail, disrupt the classroom and show no respect for authority.  Teachers and administrators bend over backwards to give every child every benefit of the doubt yet the problems continue.  Now you show me how more money can fix these issues and then you’ll have something meaningful to present on your next “Consider This”.”

Holly says:  “Thank you for your Consider This segment and for continuing to bring to light the funding issues with public education in Mississippi!”

Paula, however, has this opinion:  “There is more money spent per capita in JPS and they have one of the worst performing districts. The problem isn’t the money. The problem is how it’s used. I think you need to check your facts”

Just like most topics there are many opinions. As always, thanks for taking to share your perspective. 

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