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Jackson police confirm shooters outside library had AK-47s

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Jackson police are investigating a shooting on 3400 of Albermarle Road near the Fannie Lou Hamer Library and Sam M. Brinkley Middle School.

A 24-year-old was shot multiple times and is listed in critical condition after being taken to UMMC. Authorities have not yet released his name. 

Police confirm the shooters had AK-47s and fired several rounds.

JPD says the suspects fled in a beat-up black mustang, and they're still on the run.

The shooting happened at 12:25 Friday afternoon - a time the library is actually closed. Police say the victim was standing outside the building when he was shot.

"At least ten shots were fired, and I was scared as hell, because I thought, if I'd have been here earlier I would've gotten shot," said Dewone Banks, a witness.

JPS has confirmed there was no threat to the school across the street , and students were not released early.

"The school is safe. The school was not put on lockdown, but of course Jackson Public School Officials did respond to the scene as well to make sure that the school was safe, and that the children inside the school were safe as well," said Commander Tyree Jones with the Jackson Police Department.

Many find the location of the shooting particularly disturbing. Luckily there have been no other reported injuries.

"It's a great concern, I mean you have individuals that have no regard for the safety of individuals in the public," added Commander Jones. "To open fire here between the library and the school...they are cowards, they are dangerous individuals and they do not need to be in the streets."

Police have been speaking with witnesses, and will use surveillance video from the library to help locate the suspects.

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