CLEARED: I-20 brush fire near MS 475 clear, all lanes open - - Jackson, MS


CLEARED: I-20 brush fire near MS 475 clear, all lanes open

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PEARL, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Burn restrictions are in place for half of the counties in Mississippi. Forty-one counties are under burn bans.

Skycopter 3 captured exclusive video as two separate brush fires burned along I-20 in Rankin County Friday afternoon.

Lt. Brian McGairty said, "Basically right behind Pearl High School, but significantly away not to put them in any danger."

Friday night around 11 p.m. MDOT said the brush fire at I-20, MS 475 Exit 52 was clear. All lanes were reported open.

Ten to 20 small brush fires ignited on the side of I-20 in Pearl. As the wind blew the flames reached the tops of pine trees. As smoke barreled through the brush firefighters from multiple agencies worked to get the intense flames under control.

Lt. McGairty said, "We have water at the stations and fire hydrants we are tapping in to real quickly. We thankfully have enough support here. They have a strategy and a plan here they are utilizing to keep these trucks rotated out and keep them full."

Traffic backed up for miles as lanes were closed on both the east and west side of I-20. Lt. Brian McGairty said different engines and water trucks will continue to monitor I-20. Right now, the cause is still unknown, but wind and dry conditions did add fuel to the fires.

McGairty said, "Something as simple as hooking your trailer up the rear of your truck to pull it to deer camp or wherever your destination is, that chain dragging on the asphalt can does this kind of damage."

There is a staging headquarters at Trustmark Park to regroup and hydrate as firefighters continue to monitor the situation.

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