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Walt's Look Around: Singing Pumpkins

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Source: WLBT Source: WLBT
COPIAH COUNTY, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Used to, about the most decorating that was ever done for Halloween was a pumpkin carved Halloween afternoon. But that was then. This is NOW!

It’s not like they don’t still have pumpkins at Silent Oaks Cemetery on Anderson Road out from Wesson. They have three of them. And not just regular old pumpkins, these sing!

And that’s a part of why Brian and Beth King wanted to create this extensive Halloween setting out in their front yard. It’s spooky like Halloween should be. But it’s not scary, like too many other haunted houses that frightened the gajeebers out of small children.

We participated in a couple of haunted houses and we were disappointed with the way the children reacted, the small children," said Beth. "So we decided to do something a little more family friendly. And it turns out not only the children love it but the adults do as well."

Another reason why they wanted to do this, Halloween is second only to Christmas in dollars spent on decorating nowadays. But Brian and Beth quit buying their decorations a long time ago. Store-bought stuff was just too cheesy. They build their own. And to Brian, that’s part of his fun; when people stop by to look at this and discover that it isn’t real.

The look that it gives people; people just seem to be excited about it," said Brian. "They seem to enjoy the fact that it’s not real. Because most people look at it and say IS it real? Especially the joy that I get from people saying, ‘It’s not real?’ Oh yea, its not real."

It’s eerie looking to me. It’s a relief to me that that’s ALL it is, is eerie LOOKING. And the kids seem to like it that way, too.

Little Macy Allen enjoyed it all appropriately. Caught her at the pumpkin serenaders with my ghost-hunting camera. Didn’t catch any ghosts with it, however.

The King’s Silent Oaks Cemetery is here now but will be gone before the Christmas lights are strung. But Brian and Beth are already digging up new additions for next year’s Silent Oaks Cemetery.

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