Wednesday's Child- Shakira - - Jackson, MS

Wednesday's Child- Shakira

This week we begin to take a closer look at a sibling group of six. We learn more this time around about 14 year old Shakira who is the oldest.  She is the glue that keeps them together but admits she is ready to have a forever family to help shoulder such a big responsibility.

Shakira is outgoing, outspoken and very protective of her younger sisters and brothers.  They say she is just plain bossy.

Shakira said, “I’m like technically trying to get out of the bossiness. I like to paint, I’m a good artist, I like to use my imagination a lot. I love going into the woods. I like to explore things. All three of us.”

Church is important. Shakira says it is where they sing and participate in various activities.

Shakira explained, “I plan to help others like be a doctor or teach.”

Shakira is interested in softball, cooking and horses.

Shakira said, “when I get a lot of money I can like buy 12 houses all across the world so children that don’t have homes can live there.”

Staying positive is not always easy for Shakira but it’s important to her.  She has learned to express her feelings.

Shakira told us, “I want to be adopted because if I can’t be with my parents I want a home that cares and that is a loving home so we can have parents who care and can take care of us instead of moving house to house.”

Shakira says she will always look out for her brothers and sisters, but is hopeful there is a permanent family who will give them a safe and loving home.

For more information on children waiting to be adopted, call the Mississippi Adoption Resource Exchange at 1-800-821-9157.

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