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Tori Bowie: Life After Rio

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Tori Bowie is living her life like its golden. In her first Olympic appearance in August the Sandhill, Mississippi, native brought home from Brazil, a bronze, silver and gold medal. 

I caught up with the jet setting sprinter during a recent trip home about realizing her Olympic dreams and what’s next in her track and field career in a 3 On Your Side Exclusive.

Twenty-six year old Bowie has always been quick on her feet, whether it was passing her mostly male cousins in races or competing with them in basketball.  But winning her first medal in the Olympics was a crowning achievement for her and her family.

"It makes you want more," said Bowie. "It makes me want more. I feel like I'm in a great position to accomplish more."

She won the bronze in the women's 200 meter, silver in the 100 meter and gold in the women's 4 X 100 relay. 

"It was just an honor for me," Bowie told us. "I remember the moment I had that flag draped around me. I remember just simply talking to the Lord. I remember just thanking him so much."

Tori and her sister were raised by their grandmother. Tori says her grandmother led by example and made many sacrifices to make sure they had what they needed.

"To me, it's like she really hasn't had a life herself because she has given her entire life to us," added Bowie.

She also says the example of her grandmother has kept her grounded, humble and thankful. She explains she is keeping a promise she made a long time ago, not to let success go to her head.

"I don't care what comes my way and what I accomplish and how big Tori Bowie becomes. I'm going to remain Tori Bowie," she explained.

So what's next for the Mississippi Olympic Champion?

"I want to just try to vent into different avenues such as some modeling and some acting," said Tori.

She says it would be a dream come true to work in a Tyler Perry film. And on top of acting and modeling she will keep training.

"I for sure want to compete in the Olympics again," Bowie told us. "I have to. But you know right now my main focus is on next summer. Next summer we have World Championships in London."

Tori says she is not speeding through life but has learned to enjoy every moment. She also admits she is a homebody, doesn't like traveling but has learned it's all apart of the job. She is hoping for more endorsement deals. Right now she is signed with Adidas.

"2014 I signed with them," said Bowie. "That was my first deal and you know now you walk into the stores and you see Tori Bowie on the posters. So it's still like, it still feels like I'm dreaming."

Mississippi is high on her list. She wants to build a home in the state and start a mentoring program for kids. She says her grandmother helped build a safety net, teaching her the importance of when to be gentile and when to be fierce; lessons she wants to share on and off the track.

"The person that can last the longest is going to accomplish what they came to accomplish," said Tori.

Tori says modeling is going well but she is used to running and still has to master the runway walk.

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