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Walt's Look Around: Mississippi State Fair

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

I used to go to the fair for the rides, then just for the food. Now, just I go more or less just to look around and see who else is there.

The time to get to the fairgrounds if you are just going to go to look around is before it gets dark, before you are so hungry that you go straight to the food booths or go get you one of the free biscuits. Plenty of time for that later.

And start at the children’s end of the midway. This is where you see the young families and their young children, everybody growing up: the kids riding rides on their own, maybe for the first time, and the parents letting them do it, maybe for the first time.

It could be right here at the State Fair that it dawns on these young moms and dads that time is passing. And then there will be college and their own families and the circle of life and the meaning of the universe. Wait, I’m getting ahead of myself. It’s just a carnival ride, for gosh sakes.

Did you see the motorcycle jumpers? I think the ones out on Lakeland Drive running about a hundred miles an hour weaving in and out of traffic are nuts. But at least they are on the ground! But these guys! They must REALLY be crazy!

But I bet its fun. But I bet you couldn’t do it the first time without saying a cuss word.

Same thing I thought when I saw this, the chain swings going round and round, up about, what? Fifty feet or more in the air? I nearly popped out a swear word just seeing it for the first time. Then I remembered, I don’t have to ride it.

Nor do I have to ride that quick drop thing that leaves your stomach way up there while your feet are back on the ground. Or any of the noisy, bright fast rides that go forward and then backward and give you whiplash. Don’t need to pay for that. Get that for free in real life.

Naw, I like walking around and maybe passing close enough to where bluesman McKinney Williams is playing. And you get to see people win the prizes at the games. All the way from gold fish up to the size of, “What they heck do we do with that?”

That’s why I don’t particularly play any of the games. I might win!

I resist most of the food, too, but not all of it. Gotta get my roasted corn and one of those cinnamon rolls. Or two.

And as I leave I see this little fellow. His mom tells me it’s his first fair. One of many more to come, I imagine. I ‘spect it will be no time at all before I am getting shots of him ridding the rides and mom wishing they could just walk around and look.  

The State Fair ends Sunday night at 10.

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