Suspected skimmer caught by Clinton Police - - Jackson, MS

Suspected skimmer caught by Clinton Police

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CLINTON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Exciting news for the Clinton Police Department Friday: A man accused of stealing over 100 people's credit card numbers is now in jail.

Clinton Police put the word out last week that they were looking for a few suspects involved in credit card skimming cases, and two of them have now turned himself in.

Louis Smith is being charged with felony counts of fraud for stealing credit card numbers in Alabama, Tennessee, Georgia, and now Mississippi.

Clinton PD says he has an extensive criminal history, with a list of financial crimes spanning over a dozen pages.

"I'm just gonna guess off the top of my head, 20 pages full of credit card fraud-type crimes. That's his job, is credit card fraud," said Detective Josh Frazier with the Clinton Police Department.

Police found a skimmer in Greenville, Alabama and recorded electronic data that they were able to link to Smith.

They say he's involved in a skimming case in Pearl as well.

"Pending the outcome of the investigations from the other states as well. He could have charges all over the Southeast. And that's what we're hoping to find out," said Detective Frazier.

Smith is now being held on a $5 million dollar bond.

Clinton PD says each of those 100 credit card numbers he stole could count as a separate felony.

We have talked to all the gas stations in Clinton, and all the gas stations have been very accommodating, and so far we don't think we have any more skimmers," Detective Frazier added.

Unfortunately Clinton PD says there's little they can do to prevent skimmers from being installed.

They advise you always use a pump in view of the gas station store, and check your bank account regularly.

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