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Teacher seen dragging student in video could lose her license


The Mississippi Department of Education has filed charges to suspend or revoke the license of a Greenville High School teacher who, in a video, was shown dragging a student by her hair across the floor.
State department spokeswoman Patrice Guilfoyle said Friday that a Nov. 4 hearing is scheduled for Linda Winters-Johnson before the state licensure commission. That commission would decide whether to suspend or revoke her special education teaching license.
A charge filed Monday by an investigator in the state's Office of Educator Misconduct says Winters-Johnson grabbed, dragged and hit a special education student during a physical education class on or about Sept. 21.
Police have also said they are investigating, but have filed no charges.
A video of the scene recorded by a student has been viewed millions of times on Facebook. The school board put Superintendent Leeson Taylor II on paid leave Thursday while the investigation continues.


As of last Friday, the video showing a teacher dragging a student by the hair across a gymnasium floor had received 3.9 million views. A second video appears to show the teacher striking or pushing the student on the head with a cup.           

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