Clinton police looking for scammer posing as utility employee - - Jackson, MS

Clinton police looking for scammer posing as utility employee

Source: Clinton police department Source: Clinton police department
Source: Clinton police department Source: Clinton police department
CLINTON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Clinton police are looking to arrest a scanner who is posing as a utility employee and coming to people's homes.

A warrant has been issued for the arrest of 32-year-old Kendrick Barrell Wells. Wells is wanted for larceny related to a scam perpetrated against local businesses over the past few days.

Wells would dress in a hard hat and tell people he worked for Entergy or AT&T.

Police say he would walk into businesses in this area and tell people he'd locked his keys in his car and needed money for a locksmith.

Entergy says the scenario of the scam is completely unrealistic - one of their employees would never ask a member of the public for money

"They're going to have their cell phone with them probably, and they're probably going to have a hand-held radio which they carry with them, so it shouldn't be locked in a car, for instance," said Mara Hartman with Entergy Mississippi.

Hartman says every Entergy employee, and company workers for several other businesses, will have ID badges with a photo and their name on it.

Clinton Police say Wells was up to something similar back in September as well as in 2015.

"We believe he's transient. He's all over the place," said Detective Josh Frazier with the Clinton Police Department. "We've gotten calls. The last time we put him on the news, I got calls all over Jackson about this guy pulling the same scam."

If Wells had simply asked for money, police would've left him alone.

"It's not illegal to ask people for money," said Frazier. "It's definitely illegal to trespass and disturb businesses."

Instead, he faces several charges of larceny and could land himself a fine and months in prison.

"Mississippians are so good-hearted, and I know they're disappointed when they thought they were doing something good and they find out they got scammed," said Hartman. "Nobody likes that."

According to police, Wells is from Richland. He is a 32-year-old black man standing 5’9” tall. 

CPD requests residents who suspect that they may have been a victim of Wells or a similar scam, to report the matter to Law Enforcement or the Clinton Police Department at (601) 924-5252.

Police are encouraging residents to be extra careful when providing rides and/or loaning money to strangers.

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